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When Should I Consider Upgrading My Computer?

Small business owners, a question comes to my mind.

“When should I consider upgrading my computer?”

I’ll keep this article short and sweet.

Things to Try Before Considering an Upgrade:

  • Software Updates
  • Malware/Antivirus Scanning
  • Cleaning Your Hard-drive (remove old files)
  • Reformatting Your Computer (as a last resort)

If you’re not sure how to do any of these things or aren’t very tech-savvy, I recommend calling an IT professional.

Signs You Should Consider Upgrading:

  • You have to constantly get your computer hardware replaced
  • Your repair costs outweigh replacement costs
  • You notice yourself twiddling your thumbs or playing on your phone while waiting for your computer to load
  • You spend more time troubleshooting computer problems than working on projects
  • You’re running old software, and your computer can’t use the newest version
  • You yell at your computer

Computers are the most used piece of equipment in an office. So, it’s important to assess what you have before making a purchasing decision.

My philosophy: spend now, save later. Don’t buy or use slow, low quality equipment that is frustrating to you or your employees. I would always recommend spending more money on a high quality machine. In my experience, it’s always worth the investment.

What are your thoughts? Have you had bad experience with your computer purchases? Did you regret spending less money upfront on a computer? Have you bought things you’ve loved?

Let me know in the comments below!

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